Cal boasts lifelong passion for music, air-guitaring to The Doors and Led Zeppelin by the early age of three. By the time he was fourteen, he taught himself to play actual guitar, and in the subsequent years he joined a surf, punk band which jammed at intimate venues and festivals. As the band was short of a drummer, Cal took the roll of the drummer. Teaching himself to play the drums in 3 weeks. The band eventually grew into a blues/funk direction. Cal was the lead guitarist/ vocalist and songwriter for the band ‘The Staggers’

Later on, Cal went solo. He released his first solo song in October 2016, which gave him his much needed ‘aha’ moment, and his full band demo was then released in December that same year. By August 2017, he boldly left into the professional music industry. Cal’s current album ‘Out of town’ explores an acoustic/folk/blues/funk vibe which translates into a soulful and easy listen sound.

Cal has found his direction in a fresh, lively electric sound and is continuously evolving.

Cal Motto-ros - Tides - OUT OF TOWN


Every minute of every hour, every tickle of the wind, a greeting from a stranger, or merely watching people from afar can impact my creativity when it comes to songwriting. Whether the vibe is good or bad I do my best to construct a song in a way which shows the positive side of any experience; what I choose to take away from it all. Don’t get me wrong, I do have some heavier songs, but I choose to leave these in the song book. I find most of my inspiration from daily life; I am especially inspired by nature. It can take me anything between 15 minutes to 2 months to complete a song.


I have been a rock ‘n roller from an early age; Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Jimi Hendrix are definitely my go-to bands. In my teens I came across the blues which opened a whole new world of music for me. As time went on, I stumbled upon folk music. I couldn't get enough of Jim Croce, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan. Luckily for me, acoustic guitars and surfboards make a good combination.


For me, there is a strong connection between music and nature. The feeling I get from being in the water, finding a new song, or performing live is a very similar feeling. I can’t accurately describe the feeling, but if I had to name it, I’d call it living. When I listen to music I feel like surfing, once I surf I feel like writing and playing, this is my life and I am so grateful for it.